SMART for Life

The following video from SMART Recovery is a half-hour introduction to the SMART Recovery program. We hope you’ll watch it to see what SMART Recovery is all about!

Why Is Quitting Smoking So Hard?

SMART Recovery is tailored to any addictive behavior. This includes smoking and nicotine addiction. As an ex-smoker who smoked for 25 years, Jerry Zeigler lived with a smoker father. His mother smoked until he was nine. Most of his adult relatives smoked. It was the social thing to do back then. Jerry despised his father’s ...

Co-Occurring Disorders: There Is Help Through SMART Recovery!

Co-Occurring Disorders: There Is Help Through SMART Recovery!
The definition of a co-occurring disorder is simply one whom has both an addiction and a mental illness. They go hand-in-hand with each other. The physiological aspect of mental illness means that it is genetic. People can live their entire lives without living with a mental illness, yet have the genes that they pass on ...

Another Tool to Use We Call “My Safety Plan”

Another Tool to Use We Call
My Safety Plan is a five question recovery tool that can be used for a wide variety of personal struggles, whether related to addiction or just general well-being. We implore you to download and print this tool to use anytime an urge to use comes up, irrational beliefs spring into fruition, or whatever you need ...